Digital transformation
by Apex Solutions

Be more efficient, more competitive.
Our services will help you with that.

Application development

Are you bothered by high administrative costs? Can't keep up? Is your error rate increasing? In that case, it is high time to deploy a web or mobile application. We will help you with the assignment and instead of endless analyzes, we will soon show you the first prototype of your new application.

IT colsultation

Are you deciding on a long-term IT strategy for your company? Do you need analysis and assistance in preparing an assignment for a new comprehensive system? Or do you just want an independent consultation? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and share our experience from dozens of different projects for international corporations and smaller local startups.

Penetration test

Penetration tests will give you information about vulnerabilities, errors in configurations and codes used in applications. As specialists in Oracle Application Express technology, we know the typical problems when writing applications and running applications in this framework. To verify the security of your applications and system, we will use the OWASP methodology, which describes the basic vulnerabilities of web applications.

System integration

Do you use several unconnected applications and systems simultaneously? CRM, ERP, accounting system, internet banking and a few of your own applications. Viewing data is becoming an increasing problem and the development of any system costs considerable resources. The fastest and most efficient solution is an application that connects all systems.

Applications support

We will be happy to look after the applications developed by us. The extent and intensity is up to the client. We adjust the service level according to needs. If you've inherited older Oracle Apex applications, we can handle that too.

Oracle Cloud

An elegant and secure solution for your application is Oracle Cloud. You will be surprised by the conditions and possibilities that Oracle has ready in its cloud solutions. With us, you get a cloud tailored to your company.


If you need hosting for your new application, we are ready. We will prepare all standard services such as as regular backups, database monitoring, JasperServer for dynamic messages, and FTP access according to your needs.

Success stories...

Trans Factoring

Transfactoring is a Czech start-up that brings an effective solution for pre-financing invoices - factoring to its customers in the carrier sector. The customer does not have to wait for long invoices due, but receives most of the funds from his invoices within 24 hours.