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Increasing the estimated number of appraised real estate

Valustrat is a leading consulting company based in Dubai, which operates in the field of strategic consulting and real estate appraisals. They conduct in-depth market research to achieve the most appropriate market opportunities for their clients.


How it began…

With the development of construction in Dubai, the number of appraised properties that Valustrat inspects on a daily basis for its clients - banks, also increased significantly. It was necessary to increase the number of reports sent to banks by almost 100% while maintaining operating costs. Efficiency, and the question of how to achieve this with the same number of agents in the field became relevant. The solution was an application that allows you to enter all the necessary data directly in the tablet and in the field. At the same time, it will not allow agents to input erroreous data, a problem that became more frequent. As usual, there was little time for development.

The challenge...

After an initial analysis of the data processing method, we found that the biggest problem that needed to be eliminated is the error rate in data import. Brokers wrote the data on paper, then transcribed them into Microsoft Word and then sent the output in PDF to the client along with the pricing. On average, they managed to map 5 properties per day, which meant very low productivity.

The solution...

The result is Information system Speedy, a supporting application for the area of expert testimony and estimates of the market value of real estate. The overall system is divided into three parts:

The mobile application includes:

  • offline data synchronization
  • metadata about real estate, which accelerates the creation of reports
  • connection to Google Maps, for obtaining coordinates

The desktop application is divided into an interface for:

  • Management - performance statistics
  • Employees - editing and exporting data for various purposes

Client portal:

  • Banks see the current market value of real estate online, data that plays a key role in financing the property

The individual parts of the application serve to simplify the process of real estate apprasial from the automation of entering requirements, to the implementation of estimates and to the creation of the final product.

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EN_Saad Mehmood Chief Operating Officer, Valustrat

APEX quickly understood our needs and was able to satisfy our requirements. The team was really professional and they immediatelly understood our goal. Their product helped us to achieve desired results in a very short time.
Saad Mehmood Chief Operating Officer, Valustrat